This article is about the location in the film. For the location in the series, see Fire Nation.

תבנית:Location infoboxThe Fire Nation is one of the four nations in the תבנית:Film. For one hundred years, the Fire Nation has waged war on the other nations and has nearly conquered most of the world.

היסטוריה עריכה

רצח עם נוודי אוויר ושלבי התחלה של המלחמה עריכה

One hundred years prior to the rediscovery of the new Avatar, תבנית:Film, the Fire Nation harnessed the power of Sozin's Comet, a returning celestial body with the power to enhance the Fire Nation's abilities. In its first attack, the Fire Nation successfully committed the genocide of the Air Nomads, but were not able to find the Avatar. As a result, the Fire Nation continually looked for him for one hundred years, with their search coming up unsuccessful.

מאה שנים של המלחמה עריכה

In the interval between the loss of the Air Nomads and Avatar Aang's rediscovery, the Fire Nation fought the Water Tribe and the Earth Kingdom, successfully capturing several villages in the latter. Not much is known about this era of violence other than the near victory of the Fire Nation.

את תשואות טווטארעריכה

As the War raged on, the Fire Nation gained the upper hand and began to conquer several Earth Kingdom villages without much resistance. However, two Water Tribe citizens, תבנית:Film, a waterbender, and תבנית:Film, her brother, rediscovered the Avatar frozen within a sphere of ice. Meanwhile, the banished Prince תבנית:Film and תבנית:Film both attempted to capture the newly rediscovered Avatar, but eventually failed. This proved to be a huge hit to the Fire Nation later on when the Avatar and his friends traveled to the Earth Kingdom. In the Earth Kingdom, the trio began to generate rebellions all over the conquered towns and cities, successfully reconquering many in the name of the Earth King. The Fire Nation later ambushed the Avatar and captured him, but he was later freed by the Blue Spirit, angering the Fire Lord, Ozai.

מצור על הצפון עריכה

קובץ:Film - Fire Nation fleet.png

Angry at these turn of events, Ozai commanded Admiral Zhao to lead an attack on the תבנית:Film, the last untouched part of the Water Tribe. Ozai hoped to kill the Moon Spirit and take away the Water Tribe's source of power, hoping to finally conquer them and destroy them like the Fire Nation did previously to the nearly extinct Air Nomads. However, when the Fire Nation was on the verge of victory, Avatar Aang entered the Avatar State and created a tsunami, sending the Fire Nation navy away, defeated.

ממשלה עריכה

שליט האש הנוכחי : תבנית:סרט

Current Heir: תבנית:סרט

The Fire Nation is ruled by one leader, also called the Fire Lord; the Fire Lord is the supreme leader of the country with no one above him or her. The Fire Lord's Heir is their firstborn child, however, if the child is banished or other circumstances stand in the way of the Heir, the next child or person appointed by the current Fire Lord would become the next, as in the case of Zuko.

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